Why Exhibit?

PHARMACY EXPO® – Why Participate?

PHARMACY EXPO®2016 has witnessed exceptional success, and it is expected that the number of visitors will highly increase in the second round 2017.

Increase your brand awareness:

A chance of increasing your sales through the direct orders that is possible during the event.

Launching New Products:

A perfect avenue for Launching new products and services for the pharmacists visiting the exhibition and elaborating their merits to an engaged audience that are looking for new business opportunities

Marketing Research:

You can test the knowledge of the pharmacists by making marketing research about your products.

Direct communication with your customers:

Contacting thousands of people concerned with pharmaceutical business (pharmacists – pharmacy owners and their assistants – traders and distributers – purchase decision makers).

Expand the scope of your business:

PHARMACY EXPO® is the main initial step for those who are planning to expand the scope of their work through several channels such as pharmacy chains, distributing companies, wholesalers and purchase decision makers in hospitals and those who are interested in exporting to the Middle East and Africa.

Training programs:

Organizing training programs for pharmacies teams about your products features and benefits to increase your sales.

 PHARMACY EXPO® is the easiest and the least expensive means to conduct marketing research, view market trends and meeting with competitors through direct contact with clients.